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Hi , my name is Kimberly Aschauer , inventor of "The Facelift Bungee ".  I invented my product after trips to the doctor for facelift consultation and injections costs , I was shocked !!  With an upcoming family wedding in months I needed something affordable and quick !!  No creme was going to help this face I created my product prototype in my kitchen after many tries.... " The Facelift Bungee " was born !!

" Good Morning America  " , on ( ABC ) , " The Doctors " , on ( CBS ) and " The Today Show ' , on ( NBC ) plus twelve news stations around the United States ran my story.and before I knew it , stores were calling and orders were flying out the door !!  If I can do it ....anyone can do it !!  I am a mother of two grown sons and at 50 years old , with no more than a high school diploma invented a product.  You can too.  If you have an idea and want to get it started email me at [email protected].  If " The Facelift Bungee " is not available in your town or city ask them to carry it !!

Facelift Bungee is: Instant, Natural, Removable, Painless and Invisible once inserted into hair. We want all women to watch in the Mirror as they insert facelift bungee into their hair and be amazed as up to ten years are lifted off instantly. 

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