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"You can choose plastic surgery or " Face Lift Bungee . Dr. Andrew Ordon , " The Doctors " on CBS



Where did you get this idea ?  Paula Farris , " Good Morning America " , on ABC



"This product should be in every hair salon!  It simply has changed my life."
  Mary D. Coconut Creek, FL



"I wore my hair in a tight ponytail to my daughter's wedding last year.  I wish this product was around then.  I ordered one for the next daughters' wedding coming in July.  No ponytail this time!"  Ty H.  Tulsa, OK



"My wife saw this on TV and ordered one.  I don't notice a new dress or a new hairdo, but I noticed right away she looked ten years younger with the Facelift Bungee in her hair.  I was stunned!"  Michael H.  Ft. Myers, FL



"Thank you Facelift Bungee! This hair accessory has changed my life!"  Beverly W. Bellville, MI



"This is like spanx for my face.  I have been waiting for a product like this!" Judith H. Pensacola, FL



"It took me three tries but I finally inserted it comfortably.  I combed it into my braids near the rubber band on each side.  There is a how-to video online on YouTube if you search Facelift Bungee."  Monique S. Atlanta, GA



"I have purchased every anti-aging cream on the market and I can honestly say this product instantly tightened my face!"  Brittany L. Chicago, IL



"Facelift Bungee took years off my face on my 40th birthday!  It made turning 40 not so bad because now I look 30!"  Maria S. Oahu, HI



"Wow!! Facelift Bungee hair accessory really took years off my face.  I'm a hair stylist and I will be telling my clients!  Finally a product for women who cannot afford thousands for a facelift."  Susan D.  West Palm Beach, FL



"Facelift Bungee, I love this product!" Kathy M. Nashville, TN



"I think this product is amazing.  It's simple, painless, and affordable and I will tell my friends!"  Gayle G.  Delray Beach, FL



"I saw this product today.  This is what we have all been waiting for!"  Sloan B. Boca Raton, FL